It’s the most fantastic and safest way to fly.

The paramotor was born in France in 1988. It became, in a few years, a sport in its own right. It’s the most fantastic and safest way to fly.

Last evolution in the field of ultralight-powered (ULM), it combines a paraglider with a powertrain set in the back of the driver with a harness or on a trolley.

It’s the only aircraft that can fit in two bags to get into the trunk of a car.

The paramotor is fundamentally different from other motorized air sports :

  • It's the cheapest way to fly!
  • The easiest to learn!
  • The safest to practice!
  • The easiest to carry!

Flying paramotor is the simplest, safest and cheapest way to discover the joys of flying over the countryside.

Our paramotor base is ideal for learning to fly in excellent conditions under the guidance of instructors.

The freedom of the heavens: the paramotor is the most incredible means of transport, a device so compact and so light, it’s a lot of fun for a reasonable cost!

Safest way to fly.

When properly piloted and in good weather conditions, there is virtually no risk in practicing it. You do not have to worry about a possible engine failure: you just have to find a safe landing ground (always fly within reach of a « posable » zone) and let you down gently, supported by your wings!

If you decide nevertheless to fly in « strong » aerological conditions you must have an experience related to this aerology! The paramotor is as safe as you will be careful!

The piloting of a paramotor is a very simple principle

Two handles (the brakes) connected to the trailing edge of the wing by lines allow control of the sail.

Just pull on the right brake to go right, on the left brake to turn left, increase the throttle to go up and down to go down …

Finally, the landing is done smoothly by pulling on both brakes at the same time. After your training, you can take advice from our team to buy your own equipment and fly freely