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For your equipment, contact Sky Adventure.

Sky Adventure :

  • Flights and pilot school in paramotor
  • Paragliding
  • Distribution and sale of paramotors and wings
  • Sale of technical equipment
  • Helmets, radio equipment and flight accessories
  • Manuals and technical books

Official distributors :

  • Kangook paramotors
  • ITV wings
  • Vittorazi engines
  • EOS engines
  • E-props propellers
  • Icaro helmets
  • Miniplane Top 80

Sky Adventure (Pvt) Ltd is is the official representative Kangook for Sri Lanka. The chassis and all the equipment, include engine and propeller are received from Kangook Canada and then your paramotor is assembled in Sri Lanka by us.

Sky Adventure distributes the most prestigious brands for paragliding or paramotor wings as well as for engines, propellers and other accessories essential to the practice of this aerial sport.

Kangook is an internationally recognized leader in innovation, design and modularity for paramotor technologies

This is the first paramotor in the world offering both a cage with identical sections and offering 5 different fastening systems on the same chassis.

Kangook products are entirely manufactured in Quebec, Canada, with the permanent concern of quality and constant innovation.

Kangook, it’s + 1000 paramotors delivered to date, in over 25 countries.

ITV-WINGS, since 1981 is one leader for paragliding and paramotor wings.
The BOXER 2 was made for powered Paragliding (PPG) beginners. Its modern design and smart choices. 
The inflation does not require any abrupt gestures or forceful accompaniment.
The BOXER 2 has benefited from all the latest technological advances which made it possible to significantly improve its performance in speed and glide.

For your equipment, Sky Adventure offers a range of helmets Icaro 2000 suitable for the paragliding pilot or paramotor with complete radio equipment.